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An operator priming the pump of the treatment pilot plant

About our work 

At Monash Pilot Processes, we work alongside like-minded individuals, Monash University, and industrial partners in bridging the gap between laboratory and industry-scale processes. Our talented team brings their expertise from multidisciplinary backgrounds to our many projects.

To create impact at scale we undertake research based projects furthering an understanding of industrial processing only appreciable at pilot scale. At the core of our endeavors lies

One of our flagship initiatives involves the process modelling, where we employ AI data-driven models to simulate and optimize various chemical processes. This enables us to create a digital twin model of the pilot plant. This advanced technology not only enhances our research capabilities but also opens up exciting possibilities for industry applications. Through our digital twin, we can experiment with different scenarios, test new ideas, and improve process efficiency before verifying solutions using the physical pilot plant's operations. 


We are extending this to a novel application of augmented reality which allows us run pilot processes in a virtual environment. We are already applying this technology in safety and training and will link this with our digital twin project to create real-time data. 

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond research. We actively engage undergraduate engineering students, using the Wastewater Treatment Pilot Plant as an invaluable teaching tool. Students gain hands-on experience, connecting theoretical knowledge with practical applications, preparing them for successful careers in the engineering field.

Whether you are an academic researcher, an industry professional, or an aspiring engineer, we invite you to delve deeper into our projects, read about our team's achievements, and discover how our cutting-edge facility is shaping the future of engineering.

For more information on our ongoing projects, recent breakthroughs, and collaboration opportunities, access our comprehensive resources and stay connected with the latest developments spearheaded by Monash Pilot Processes. Together, we can revolutionize the landscape of process engineering and drive positive change for a better tomorrow.



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